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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey guys - hope I'm doing this right! (reposted from



If you live in the Philadelphia area and get down with the cartooning/comicking, I am the juror (in good standing!) for the Philadelphia Sketch Club's ART OF SEQUENTIAL gallery exhibition. Mike Manley and I were involved with the inaugural show a few summers ago and it was a great time. You should submit!

And if you don't know what the Sketch Club is, For Shame! It is only the oldest continuing artist's organization, which housed some of the greats behind its doors, like Thomas Eakins, N.C. Wyeth, Benton Spruance and on. This is no rinky-dink hole in the wall, and I'm honored to be a welcomed member.

Cartoon and Sequential Art Exhibition at the Philadelphia Sketch Club June 5th through 12th 2011. 

Juror: Jamar Nicholas

Cash Awards in each category.
The Philadelphia Sketch Club has extended the deadline for entries into the Art of Sequential Exhibition. You can submit work on line at  3 entries for $30.

The deadline for submission is Friday, June 3rd at midnite!
Categories are: Sequential Comic Page, Sequential  one- page story or comic strip, Cover Art, and Character Pin Up Art.

Artists reception and awards will be on Sunday June 12 from 2 to 4 PM , with the awards presented at 3 PM.

You can hand deliver work to The Philadelphia Sketch Club on Saturday June 4th between 1 and 4 PM. Single walk in entries will still be accepted on Saturday for $15 each.

The Philadelphia Sketch Club is located at 235 S. Camac Street  in Philadelphia. The work will hang in the Sketch Club upstairs gallery  through June 12th .

A PDF of the exhibition prospectus is available here - click the link and download the PDF!

For more info on the Sketch Club, visit the site here.



  1. Thanks for posting this, Jamar. I am sorry I didn't get around to it yet. I've had a crazy busy few weeks.

  2. I did this... hmmm... three years ago now? I'd like to do it again. I hope to get there on Saturday!

    So we need to submit the form before that, tho?

  3. Yeah, buddy. I was in that with you, Brady. It's best to download the PDf for all the rules. I think you start by going here:

  4. Jamar - how did the submissions go?