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Jeff Kilpatrick

Jeffro Kilpatrick is a cartoonist born and raised in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. He has taught all kinds of art at all kinds of places from high school to colleges to local art and crisis centers. Jeff cofounded the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and is a proud member of the Meathaus Comics Collective. In his leisure, Jeff loves music, whisky, and good barbecue. He practices drawing every day. You can reach Jeff by e-mail at
Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and a regular contributor of political cartoons to the Democrats for Education Reform. In 1996 he and Jeff Kilpatrick started the PCS with a bottle of ink and a bottle of whiskey. Today he juggles his time with work for hire, work for love, raising a child and spoiling a cat.
Kyle Margiotta

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I have known that I wanted to be an artist since I was in the fourth grade during a summer at the Fairmount Art Camp. As a kid, I was always sent to after-school classes and summer class for everything, from sports to crafts. Drawing and Painting was the only thing that I never stopped doing.

Many years later, after receiving a degree in Illustration at the University of the Arts in PA, I have created works for the commercial field, but primarily for the gallery scene.
Chris "Patch" Patchell

I am a cartoonist, illustrator, designer and all around art monkey. I have lived in Philly my entire life and truly love where I grew up. I divide my time between making art, teaching and collaborating with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. My art has appeared on everything from comic books to greeting cards. My theory on art: “Monsters and Robots make everything better.”

I live in a tree house on the top of the highest hill with my lovely girlfriend, and we make pictures.

Ed McKeogh

Ed McKeogh (a member of the PCS “Away Team,” now living in Peachtree City, GA) is a husband, parent, illustrator and school bus driver who loves any combination of words and pictures. He acquired his drawing powers in early childhood after eating a radioactive crayon. Now, using traditional and digital tools, he draws comic and cartoon art, t-shirt designs, logos, mascots and portraits for private and corporate clients. With his art, Ed playfully strives to inform, entertain and inspire. He is cranky when overheated, funny by accident and vulnerable to the allure of cinnamon rolls.
Paul Palcko

I graduated from The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, PA. I have worked as an illustrator and fine artist since.

I began my career doing medical illustration. I also worked as a staff illustrator for a publisher of health journals. There, I did cover art, editorial illustration, medical illustration, photography, art direction, and attended art development meetings.

I have also enjoyed doing concept illustrations for film and other projects. I participate in gallery shows, in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

I enjoy drawing, painting, digital illustration, design, home improvements, motorcycles, guiness, music, movies, hangin’ with friends, as well as in the studio.
Feel free to email me!
James Point Du Jour

James Point Du Jour has been drawing cartoons since at least age 8. (He hasn’t improved much). But what he lacks in technical ability he more than makes up for with unbridled enthusiasm. The drugs help immensely.

Currently, he earns his keep as a graphic designer but has worked as an animator, teacher and cartoonist for various big-name (and not so big-name) clients. His dream is to one day ride a bull. His family is strangely encouraging.
Christine Larsen

Originating from the Pine Barrens of central Jersey, Christine is a freelance Illustrator by trade, designing and illustrating for comics, cartoons, book covers, textbooks, textiles, posters and websites. She has worked with clients such as Ape Entertainment, DC Online, and Penguin Publishing. You may spot her skulking about the University of the Arts campus, where she teaches undergraduate courses for juniors and freshmen. Christine resides with her two cats, her boyfriend and a sawed off shotgun in a heavily fortified Philadelphia row home where she awaits the zombie apocalypse.

In what rare spare time she has, she tries to keep this website updated and looking sparkly.
Sam Heimer

Sam Heimer is a Philadelphia Illustrator. While the bulk of his work focuses on the macabre, he has worked in editorial, comic-art, short-fiction illustration, cigar advertising, album art, concert posters, clothing design, and gallery showings. Sam works predominantly in Pen and Ink, and occasionally screen-printing. If the moon is just right and the winds are blowing the scent or pier tar and rotting fish off the Schuylkill, you might find him haunting South Philadelphia, drunk, with a vampirical drool of ink on his lips from licking his brushes to keep a stiletto like point.
James Heimer

James C. Heimer is a vegetarian who sometimes draws and always screenprints. He loves money and hates nature. He earned his BFA in illustration at Uarts and pays his rent by drawing and screenprinting. He’s a terrible biographer.
Tom Whalen

Raised by feral robot wolves in the backwoods of northeastern Pennsylvania and nourished on a steady diet of comic books, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and Swedish Fish, Tom has a high-pitched, metallic voice in his head that compels him to endlessly churn out all sorts of vectorized madness. Infatuated with all things giant, Japanese and city-destroying, Tom is a confessed monster junkie who cannot wait for earth to be overrun by either zombies or vampires so that he can field test the wooden-stake-firing chain gun that he’s been working on in his basement for the past 37 or so years. He also adores kittens.
Dave Perillo

Dave Perillo was born in 1974, the same year Wham-O introduced the Slip N’ Slide…coincidence? In 1st grade, Dave revealed in his autobiography “Me Book”, that when he grew up he would like to be Ziggy. This ambition was deflated by 2nd grade when he realized that A) Ziggy is not real, B) Ziggy is completely bald, and C) Ziggy wears no pants. While the thought of going throughout life sans pants was somewhat appealing he decided to pursue his second choice, a career in art. Dave draws inspiration for his work from many of the following sources: 1950’s Sci-Fi Movies, Charles Schultz, Jim Flora, Ray Harryhausen, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Henson, Hanna Barbera, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock & Character Advertising Icons. Dave currently resides in the burbs of Philly, works as an illustrator, believes that bowling is the sport of kings and a bag of Swedish Fish is a seafood dinner.
Alex Eckman-Lawn

Alex Eckman-Lawn is a bloodthirsty illustrator from Philadelphia who graduated from the University of the Arts in 2007 with a BA in illustration and a lust for blood. He uses a combination of photo and traditional media with heavy digital work in photoshop and his work has appeared in comics, role playing games, on cd covers, book covers, and in films. He looks forward to the coming years when he plans to grow fat on the meat of his enemies.
Tim Durning

Tim Durning is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. Working for clients like The New York Times, the Philadelphia Weekly, and Ape Entertainment, he provides original art that starts with paper & pencil and ends up as painted pixels. He is the co-creator and illustrator of the sci-fi webcomic Lineage. When he isn’t working he tends to his cats, loves talking craft beer, and reading comics by Jeff Smith, Mike Mignola, and Hope Larson.
Ian Glaubinger

Ian Glaubinger is an Illustrator inspired by the cartoons of the 50's, Walt Disney, Kevin Dart, Derek Yaniger, vintage advertising, all things retro & my wife and cat to name a few. His work has been featured at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, /Film,, Ript Apparel & more. He is a self-published independent comic artist and featured in the anthologies Cycle's End and Rise of the Outlanders.
Evan Lopez

I was born in Jersey, and sometime around 2002 my mattress ended up in Philadelphia. I drew some stuff, I took pictures, I drew more stuff. I went to school, I designed some stuff, didn't draw as much. I graduated, got a job and then drew some stuff and wrote a play. I'm still drawing some stuff. I got a new mattress.

Thank you.
Anthony Pedro

Anthony Pedro received his BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in 2007. Since then his work has been shown in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Denver and Los Angeles. He was born and raised under the long shadow of New York City, in New York’s Hudson Valley; an area known for its hidden wildernesses. Anthony works mainly in acrylics. His focus is on the natural world, sincere, savage and primitive, resulting in underlying themes of heartbreak and loss. When not painting in his South Philadelphia home, Anthony works as an animal attendant at the Philadelphia Zoo.