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Friday, February 26, 2010

Jeffro by David Galletly...

I am honored and proud that my friend David Galletly posted something about my work and drew a portrait of me. Please click here to see the post. David rules!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just in time for spring training...

Did this for Gallery 1988's "Greatest Moments in Sports History" poster and print show. The show opens on Thursday, March 4th and runs the month. Since i'm such a huge nerd and my knowledge of sports is limited to a Wii consule and that Rollie Fingers' was the guy with the silly mustache, I went with the real heroes of the game... the mascots. Think of what they must endure, how hot it is in those costumes and all done with out the aid of performance enhancing drugs.

My piece "Baseball Mascots Through the Ages", will be a 20" x 10" limited edition giclee print of only 22 available through the gallery starting the day of the opening.

For more info about the show visit

Reading with Pictures

I thought I'd share a link to the "Reading With Pictures" Kickstarter site. RwP promotes reading in the classroom through comics. I have a 2 page story (done for charity) in here alongside quite a few high rollers. I suggest preordering, since most of the sales will be done in that way. I don't intend to have a large number of personal copies, and this will help to promote their sales through Diamond.

So, visit Reading with Pictures on Kickstarter

Preview sketch:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bob & Barbara's...the Good Old Days!

Having such a great night at Bob & Barbara's (1509 South Street) on Monday reminded me of old times (well not so old, between 12 and 4 years ago). The Cartoonist Society used to really party down in that place. Guess we're all getting a little older, busier, more responsible. It's still the clubhouse, but we just don't have the time to be "regulars" anymore. I dug around on my blog and found these drawings of some of the folks we used to hang out with at Bob & Barbara's. I have a few more tucked away somewhere (like Steve Ferrell, for instance). I'll have to find them. Luckily, layabouts like Sam Heimer and Concetta Barbera keep the tradition alive somewhat.

But I sure do miss Nate. I miss seeing Henrietta regularly too. Think I'll give her a call this weekend.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

April 11--Popularity Papers Book Release Party

The Popularity Papers: Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang, my debut novel with the absurdly long name, is coming out in April!

The book release party will be on April 11th at Books of Wonder in NYC from 1-3. I know that a lot of cartoonists will be at MoCCA that weekend, which is convenient stroll (okay, a dozen blocks) from the bookstore, and I'd really appreciate it if you're able to stop by. Writing this book has been one of the most amazing and rewarding projects I've ever worked on and I'm really excited to be able to put it out there into the world and to share the experience with my fellow artists.


Friday, February 5, 2010


Thanx, Larseny, for starting this blog. I wanna be the first to post a picture, so I am posting this one of Patch muralizing the walls at our 10th Anniversary show in 2007 at SOPHI Gallery. I hope to see everyone's work on here. Love you guys. Love Philly.

The First Post

Upon discovering that the PCS website has become a home to a gentleman that remodels floors, I decided to launch this blog for us. It seems that we all have gotten rather busy over the years, and I thought this would be a good way for us all to keep up on what everyone is up to. Also, it could be a good way of keeping all our members in the know with regards to B&B hangouts, Pictionary, BBQs and Anthology book news.

So, if you haven't received an email with posting permissions, please email me: Also, please send me a link to your current blog, so I can list it under "member blogs" over there in the sidebar (you can't expect me to go a-hunting for all of you!).

Best regards fellow 'toonists. Hell, if the Autumn Society can do it, then why can't we? Our kid brother shouldn't show us up.