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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Philadelphia Cartoonist Society Christmas Party - Dec. 11, 2010

We'll have some RAGING PICTIONARY. We'll have FOOD, BEER, CAROLING, JAM DRAWING, and a whole bunch of other good stuff!

TV Man - I Want My Roku TV!

This year's birthday card from Tina. This time around she's ribbing me over my Roku obsession.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Daily Comic Journal

Back in February of 2010 I didn't think I was drawing enough, that I was spending too much time on the computer. So, to force myself to pencil something, no matter what, everyday, I decided to keep a Daily Journal in Comic form. I kept this journal in a sketch book, just for myself.

I gave myself a few rules:

1. ) Write about what happened that day (and hopefully in an entertaining way), fit it within only one panel (though I began breaking that rule and would expand to 2 or 3 panels when I needed more room to tell the story).

2.) Don't spend too much time on the piece (it's a comic, not a painting) and use only Micron pens and Markers.

As I drew these, occasionally I'd like one or two enough that I'd send the comics to friends, They liked them enough and suggested that I post them somewhere, so I began posting them on my Facebook page. I got enough good responses on Facebook, that I decided to foist them on the public at large and post them on the net.

Feel free to check out my blog, The Blabbing Baboon where I post new comics every day. I have archives all the way back through April of this year. Here are a couple examples of the Daily Comics:

Here are a couple examples:

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hey folks, hope you're all well. So here's the skinny; I want to have a new mailer ready and funded by the new year and to do it I'm putting together grab-bags of (3) randomly picked screen-prints, and (1) original inked doodle at the low low, ready to move, quality goes in before the paint goes on, shipping included, price of $35. Check it out here! Much thanks to anybody who picks up one of these, it'll greatly help me further my illustration career.

Also, working on a collaborative show with James that's turning out pretty badass.Below is part of my contribution for the first print. Read about the show here!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Split Lip Horror Webcomics

Some of the pages I am doing for a short story that will appear on Split Lip. Pages are done black and white with marker and ink on composite paper. Tones were added digitally in Photoshop.


The story is now live. New pages up every Tuesday and Thursday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweets for the Sweet

Sweets for the Sweet
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Mickey and Sylvia wend their way to the snack stand as Monkey & Bird continues at CO2 Comics! Will our couple decide on a snack? Will they go into hock paying for it? Will the movie be in focus? Find out TODAY! Read the latest installment of my sister-in-law's favorite web comic HERE!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cancer Gremlin...The Evolution of a Character by Jeffro Kilpatrick

Recently, Marvin Bowe, Senior VP and Creative Director for the Navicor Group, contacted me with a really fun illustration gig. I was assigned to draw a little gremlinie-type monster to represent a certain kind of cancer that many doctors and patients overlook and forget to ask about. The character would have been used in ad materials for a medicine to treat that type of cancer.

The art team on the job liked some frog-like creatures I once drew in a Meathaus comic. They also gave me some very specific criteria and e-mailed over some microscopic photos of colorful cancer cells. The concept reminded me of the ads for Mucinex and even the Crest's Cavity Creeps and Raid's Bugs from past ad campaigns like that. They wanted a quirky character, but in a way, he needed to be sympathetic. Because we were trying to remind doctors not to forget to ask about him. Here were my initial pencil sketches:

They really liked Sketch A. It most resembled the characters that initially attracted the art directors to my work. I also liked the characters with less human proportions. The art team also asked me to make the character more mischievous and less sad. I took "neglected" to heart when doing these first drafts, but they wanted a character with a more "Tazmanian Devil" or "Gremlin" attitude. I was glad to hear that, because those guys are way more fun to draw. They also asked me to lose props like the signs. And since they liked the body shape on character B as well, they asked me to "Jabba the Hutt" him up a bit and add some horns.

So here are the final two drafts I came up with:
Unfortunately, the actaul concept was not used by the pharmaceutical company. However, it was a great job. It was fun and Navicor treated me really well. Also, I got to villify cancer (which I hate). All in all, it's been my favorite freelance gig this year.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art of Healing

As many of you know I am a cancer survivor, now living 3 years cancer free. I am pretty outspoken about it and as a result of my lectures on sketchbooks with the ESLI school I was invited to participate in a wonderful exhibition at the University of the Arts; ‘The Art of Healing’. This is one that is near and dear to my heart. I kept a sketchbook everyday of treatments; I underwent both chemotherapy and radiation at the same time. So for an hour everyday I drew in a book that quickly became dubbed “My Cancer Sketchbook”.

With the aid of that wonderful book I was able to combat my disease. Also, as I entered into recovery I was able to bring it into the classroom and stress the importance of keeping a sketchbook to students of all ages.
So when asked to contribute to this art show I naturally went to the pages of “My Cancer Sketchbook”.
This three (3) color silk-screened print was made possible with the expertise of James Heimer whom I collaborated with on my “Intestinal Fortitude” print. This print was done exclusively for this event and in conjunction with grants I received to design and publish “My Cancer Sketchbook”. I will post more on that project in the following months.
This page has always reminded me of running back and forth to the hospital for therapy and visits to the doctor. Throughout that daily chaos I don’t know if I would have even noticed if King Kong had invaded our skyline.
(Just click on images to enlarge.)

Show Info:
The opening reception will be this Friday, November, 12
th at the University of the Arts located at 333 South Broad Street in Philadelphia.
The Opening Reception from 3 to 5pm in the President’s Office
and will continue in the student-run Gallery One space located
on the lower level of the Hamilton Hall from 5 to 7pm.
This art exhibition will feature the work of students and faculty “embracing the powerful connection between art and healing.”

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It means hello & goodbye...

also means...affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy. That's a whole lot for one word, kinda like "smurf".

Did this piece for an upcoming group tribute show for tattoo icon Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. Show opens Friday, November 12th at the Sailor Jerry Store in Philly. If you're around swing on by, they're serving rum!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010
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Our son as a Seeburg Diner Table Juke Box Remote designed by the brilliant Tina Garceau!