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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Post

this is my first post over here w you guys and been checking in now and again and seeing the fine work over here and humbly ask your opinions and thoughts on this and any future postings. I don't get offended easily so feel free to leave your honest opinions either good or bad.  I've been posting for a while with the "other society" and out of the near 300 followers over there the same four people comment every post, so I guess I'm looking for fresh outlooks on my work. p.s if you want to see more of what I'm about view my page (my link on here doesn't work) here
so feel free to snoop around and share any thoughts over there as well. thanks again -Anthony Pedro

"The Buffalo Dancers"
acrylic on panel


  1. Hi pleased to meet you

    loving your blog

    come pay a visit some time

  2. Pedro, I really dig this image. Good camera angle, a sense of subtle movement, particularly like how the figure closest to us is in shadow. I think the hands and feet are best on the figure in the foreground. I would love to see the fire get a bit more intense, maybe even effect the two figures more with and cad orange reflective light? Right now the figure in the back and the fire are competing with one another a bit. I think the modeling in the buffalo heads is beautiful. Cheers!