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Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey Kats and Kittens!
It's Pictionary time!!!
Come on out to the unofficial
headquarters of the PCS,
Bob and Barbara's at 15th and South Street, Philly.
For drinkin' and drawin'.
Festivities start around 9ish.
See you tonight!


  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so if not-please forgive me. My son is 10 and looking for somewhere to take cartooning classes. His dream is to work for Pixar, but he wants to work on hand drawn cartoons first, before trying the computer aspect. I have looked around at classes for him, but the only one I found is a 1 week camp that focuses on creating a 3D cartoon clay character. Does anyone know of anything in Chester or Delaware County that offers cartoon/drawing classes? We'd even be willing to go to Montgomery County or Philly if we needed to.
    Please email me: missmcdonald12 at GMAIL DOT COM

  2. Several of our members here in Philly teach at High Schools, Colleges and Universities. Many of the colleges offer Saturday classes and even summer courses. I would recommend a lab school at University of the Arts, Moore College of Art or Community College of Philadelphia. Also, Fleischer Art Memorial has amazing classes for a child your son's age. If the commute is too much you can always check out your local community college or library for a recommendation.

  3. Pictionary on Monday Night was a blast! We played about 6-7 rounds of drawing goodness! A special thanks goes out to Pedro! Pedro supplied us with two original prints to give away! Two lucky (and very grateful)winners walked away with these. I would also like to extend an apology to Pedro, sorry someone took your team jersey. Won't let that happen again. Hopefully we will be posting pics from Pictionary in the weeks to come. Next event is scheduled for July 26th!

  4. I love it! this is an awesome idea. My friends always complain that I'm going to be too good at Pictionary because I'm an illustrator but when you only have 1 minute and your under pressure most of your sketches come out looking like a dogs breakfast. Here in Australia they've just released an Aussie version of Pictionary called Pictionaussie. It's hilarious. It features 500 new words that are either Aussie celebs, places or slang phrases like "Sparrows fart", "Mullet", "wedgie" and "Budgie Smugglers" (a personal fave of mine). For the launch they set up a facebook page where you can play the game online I also saw that someone was doing their own Halloween version. Maybe you could do a cartoon character themed one?

  5. That's a great idea. We just added some "phrase" cards but nothing as interesting as "Budgie Smuggler!" We will definitely be checking out that facebook page. I hope you keep checking in on our blog as well. We will be posting pics in the not too distant future. Thanks for the post!