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Monday, July 5, 2010

Milestown USA #4

Milestown updates every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Posted via email from Graffiti Storyteller


  1. James these are kewl. Are you posting these as you go or do you have back log of strips and save them in a que? Working on a web comic myself and was curious. Also, really like how you handled he rain in the last panel. Very Watterson!

  2. Oh man, Patch thanks for saying that! Watterson is exactly who I was trying to mimic with that last panel. Not as good as him but at least the reference is there.

    I'm not really working from a stockpile of strips. I draw 3 or more strips at a time and then post accordingly. The plan is to eventually have enough of them drawn to get ahead.

    Can't wait to see your comic when it's ready. Are you doing Patchkey Kidz or something else?