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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictionary is Happenin' Right Now!

For those of you in the know, you are well aware that the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is holding its monthly Pictionary Game at Bob and Barbara's (16th and South streets.) Every last Monday of the month the PCS hosts one heck of a night; drawin', yellin' and prizes (usually a round of drinks for the lucky winners.) So why aren't you there already? And be sure to clear your calendar for next month. Here are some pics from a previous Pictionary Night!

Tell it to the judge! PCS's own Jeffro Kilpatrick. Photo: Concetta Barbera.

Team "Safeword" is the team to beat! You know a team with jerseys means business. Photo: Concetta Barbera.

Draw like the wind! Its not how well you draw its how fast!!! Photo: Concetta Barbera.

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