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Saturday, August 21, 2010

24 Hour Comic Day at Atomic City Comics

I just wanted to take a minute and tip my hat to Pete, Colleen, Raph, Andrea, , Steve, and Brett for doing "24-Hour Comic Day" this year and to Atomic City Comics on South Street for hosting the event. Basically, the artists stay up for 24 hours straight and make a 24 page comic. No work is allowed to be done on the book beforehand. It all has to take place within that 24 hour period. It's a crazy amount of work, but a lot of fun. I stopped in to say hi after work at 3 AM, and I really wished I could have taken part this year. I haven't done a 24-hour comic since 2002.
All photos courtesy of Atomic City Comics. For more photos, click here.
Click here to read more about 24-Hour Comic Day at Scott McCloud's website.
For more of Pete's work, click here.
For Steve's work, click here.
For Andrea and Brett's work, click here to check out the Philly Comix Jam's website.

1 comment:

  1. Aw man that looks like a good time. Next time lets post something beforehand to get more of our gals and girls out there. Awesome!