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Monday, August 2, 2010

UARTS Summer Pre-College Illustration Classes

This summer, I have been teaching at University of the Arts' Pre- College Summer Institute. I was asked to teach two Illustration classes. In my opinion, it's been one of the best courses I've taught. The students created custom logos, spot illustrations, and gig posters using traditional and digital illustration techniques. I am really impressed with the students in this program. Not only are they electing for more school in the summer, but they come to work.

Working with these students has made my summer. Their ambition and work ethic is inspiring. I find myself energized when I come home to sit right down at the desk and draw or take my sketchbook out to a park. These classes have been a great reminder of why I love to teach and why I love to make art.

My 9 AM Class:
My 1PM Class:
Here are links to some of their Art Blogs...

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  1. I got to say this has been one of my favorite Summer Programs as well. The students are great and being colleagues and having lunch from time to time has been a blast! Can't wait to see everything your students have been working on this Summer.