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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank yous and Apologies


First and foremost, THANK YOU all so very much for Friday night. The turnout was great, all the art was fantastic, and the treat-table was scrumptious. I think the greatest thing about 'Hallowed Halloween' was the variety. Everybody's work was very different form the next, which is very refreshing and made for an amazingly diverse show. The fantastic pedigree of art between the PCS and ASOP folk was indistinguishable; our two groups hanging together was truly a match made in...uh...Hell. We managed to cover a lot of ground, from the cultural aspects, to the trademark ephemera, to the occult, to urban legend; all the nasty bits that make Halloween a great institution were present.
I'm sure in the near future I'll have the chance to set up another group show, and when that happens I'll be sure to invite all of you. Thank you once more for making this a great show.

Sorry I didn't get to speak to everybody, and sorry I didn't make much sense to those I did speak to; I'm fighting off a massive chest cold and had a head full of pills.

SEE SOME PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING HERE, taken by Ryan Studley. More photos as I get them, and a video soon to follow.

Also, because of the beer snafu, we might have a closing reception...with beer.

Sam Heimer

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