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Thursday, December 30, 2010

An open letter to every PCS Member.

Why we work.
It dawned on me recently why the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society works. Concetta and I were taking down the World’s Fair Art Show last week and going over sales. This was a collaborative exhibition between several PCS members and a few of our friends from the UK. We did a modest amount in sales overall (more than two-grand), not bad for a group show in a gallery that is a little off the beaten path. More importantly, we did more in sales during our PCS Christmas Party. This event wasn’t about the exhibition but more in line with celebrating everything the PCS has done over the last year. The party was a means of hanging out one more time before the New Year and welcoming all the new members. That is why the PCS works; we do more sales not trying so hard.
The PCS would rather have a Beef and Beer than a gallery show. We opt for Pabst and soft pretzels over wine and cheese any day of the week. I don’t want to say we are blue collar, because that conjures images of Larry “the Cable Guy” and redneck jokes. But we work really hard, share the wealth, invite anybody and everybody to take part. We ARE blue collar.
Our work, our shows, our books come from a very unique place; Sincerity. Just look at our members. There are just as many fine artists as there are cartoonists, just as many people into underground comics as there are those that enjoy comics on the web and mainstream titles. The tie that binds is a sincere one, a love of the game as much as the outcome.
I have been the recipient of that sincerity more times than I can count. I owe the PCS a lot including my health and welfare. As a group we have helped each other get work, moved house and home and lifted each other up. As professionals our work can be seen on everything from comics (both mainstream and self-published) to t-shirts, in magazines and on greeting cards. If it requires any kind of artwork then one of us has done it.
This post isn’t meant to grandstand. I guess with the year wrapping up I was waxing philosophic as to why I love you guys and this group so much. Also, I wanted to say “Thank You” to Jeff, Andrew and Xrissy. If not for you three, there would be no Philadelphia Cartoonist Society.
An overdue “Welcome Aboard” to some of the new blood; Sam, James, Matt, Alex, Eamon, Pedro, Tim, Megan, Kristy and Mike and my apologies if I left anyone out.
2011 is going to be a wonderful year for everyone involved in the PCS. New books, more shows and continued sincerity in everything we do.
The Happiest of New Years to everyone.
Above: Jeffro, Larsen and I show off our PCS ink. Photo: Concetta Barbera.

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