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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Saturday, February 5 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Masthead Print Studio
340 Brown St.
Philadelphia, PA

Masthead, ASOP and the Philly Cartoonist Society presents an expose of the faces of evil that make history grimly entertaining. A collection of the debased, comically villainous, perverted, violent, controversial,and grotesque figures that were truly stranger than fiction. These faces and persona have been the fodder for a million books, movies, history channel specials, and bad jokes; A Nation of Evil Men will bring them all together for your viewing pleasure.

Hosted by Shawn Hileman
Curated by Sam Heimer
Participants Include:

Jeffro Kilpatrick
Paul Romano
Kirsten Harper
Sam Heimer
Justin Gray
Jay Bevenour
Christian Patchell
James Heimer
Mike Wohlberg
Jennifer Gin
Matt Cavanaugh
Tom Augustino
Amy Houser
Paul Palcko
Mark Price
Anthony Pedro
Kevin Mercer
George Tan
Eamon Dougherty
Justin Miller
JP Flexner
Christine Larsen
Tim Durning
Brian Meitz
Max Gordon
Shawn Hileman
And more...


  1. Very kewl! If you guys can get me some posters/flyers I'd love to post them around school!

  2. Postcards are being made this week. If I get my hands on some I'll get them to you. This is going to be a FUN SHOW!!!!!!

  3. Just put this up on the announcements page. Super excited :)