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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hows it goin?

HELLO! Im Evan. I do pictures too. This is my first post on The PCS blog. Nice to meet you all. You might have seen some of my crap on the Autumn Society blog, maybe not, no big. Im glad to be here now too. I do pictures. Moving on.

This was a thing I did for last weeks Philly Citypaper. It was their annual writing contest, and I illustrated a little somethin(s) for the winning story (which was about a teaspoon who ((spoiler)) eventually got surgery and became a bubble wand). I would say check it out, but either a) You already have, or B) You cant because its already Thursday and a new paper is in the which case Im sorry.

This is the original, before all the window dressing went on.

This little inside piece depicted a key moment in the story, when the teaspoon is about to go down some stairs or something.

Nice talking to all y'all. Come see more of my crap here


  1. Evan, welcome aboard my friend. Saw the CP cover last week, nice job!

  2. Thanx for posting, Evan. Nice work!

  3. By the way, the spoon on the stairs reminds me of the crazy lady who killed Det. Blecher in the first season of Millennium.