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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out 2 Dry Art Show, Artwork Needed.

It's baaaack!

That super-fun kewl art show “Out 2 Dry”.
(Please note the wacky word play for our second go-round!)
Here's the deal give us your sketchbook pages, your prints, your unsold masses
and we'll hang 'em all on the walls of Brave New Worlds Comic Shop in Olde City.
No frames, no mattes, just a couple of clothes lines with artwork clipped to them.

Last year's romp proved very successful.
The gang at BNW has offered to forgo commissions on artwork priced $20 or less and paid with cash. (Anything paid for with credit cards they have to take a lil' $umthin' ) We are also setting a price cap no artwork over $50.
So get us your stuff soon.

Here's the vital info
- Type of Art: Sketches, limited edition silkscreen prints, small paintings and inked pieces. (Just no digital prints please)
- Art drop off: Get your stuff over to BNW by Thursday, March 3rd, 6pm sharp.
- Please label your stuff on the back with the following info:
Title of piece
and number them in order of importance.

(We are hoping to get a bunch of stuff from everyone and we want to sell it all right off the wall. So, we'll be hanging a couple of pieces you drop off at first, then when stuff is sold we'll be replacing it. We'll be sure to hang everyone's #1 and #2 and save their other pieces for later in the show.)

- The Opening will be: Friday March 4th, 6pm to 9pm.

Lastly, this is an “Open Invitation”. A lot of folks have asked about participating in Philadelphia Cartoonist Society events. So if you're reading this consider yourself invited, this is to be one of many meet n' greets for the PCS in 2011.
(Our only request is no current students participate. Sorry.)

Please e-mail us if you would like to participate. You can drop your work off at the shop anytime. Just tell Brian or Rob that your with the March PCS Art Show, they know the drill.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting some of you for the first time.

Take care.

Above and below are pics from last year's event (courtesy of Concetta) to give you an idea of the layout. More information to follow.

*Disclaimer: The PCS reserves the right to exclude any and all artwork(s) for any reason; space restrictions, content of art, etc...