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Monday, March 21, 2011

Charlie Santore and the 2011 Ely

This was a lively weekend for the PCS. We went for a downtown walkabout on Sunday and happened to stumble by The Saloon, owned by the family of renowned children’s book illustrator Charlie Santore. Charlie was nice enough to give our group the grand tour of the place, explaining where all of the art and antiquities came from. The Saloon has an amazing collection of beautiful art and old-tymie signage. The place is a treasure chest for anyone who has an eye for art.

PCS members cold chillin' with Charlie Santore at the Saloon

We then took it on the heel to Tattooed Mom’s for a beer before attending the UArts Senior Illustration Exhibition and ELY Reception. The Ely Award is given every year to a standout student in the program. I am not sure who judged this year, but it had to be a tough decision. There was a lot of really good art on the walls. These students are very talented. Today was also the first time we met new member Adam Mazur. Adam ran into James, an old buddy of his who is enrolled in the UArts’ Illustration program. By the way, a handful of PCS members are also UArts instructors (hence Patch’s tie), and a whole bunch are alumni, so the Ely is something we look forward to every year. Plus we get to see the mob of art-hungry zombies coming up the trail.

Miguel Co won the Ely this year for his beautifully rendered children’s book illustrations.

I also really liked this dude Max Gordon’s stuff.

Concetta looking up...

Eamon Dougherty making his serious face. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of Anthony Pedro when he was hanging out.

After the reception, we got together with the lumberjack printers at Awesome Dudes (where Max has been working) and had a few beers and shots of pickle juice at The Bar on Sansom Street, then dinner at Fergie’s. All in all, it was a great day out filled with cool art and brodacious golden awesomeness.

Jam drawing that graces my sketchbook made by these PCS hooligans


  1. This was so much fun. I cannot believe our luck in running into Mr. Santore. Ooooh the arty goodness of it all! We need to spend more Sundays with PCS outings!!!

  2. I had a wonderful and adventurous day with the PCS gang! Would love to have a special dinner/drinks/drawing together at the Saloon someday. So glad to have all of you as my PCS pals :o)