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Monday, March 14, 2011

Greetings from the "Away Team"

Hey, PCSers! After taking something of an art-making sabbatical, I'm grinding off some rust and getting the old gears in synch. Since Jeff graciously invited me to post here, I figured I'd touch base. After all, you can take the kid out of Philly, but there's no taking Philly out of the kid.

I donated the above Captain America to the local bus drivers' annual "Military Cookout," which benefits servicemen and their families. The organizers have decided to auction it off, so here's hoping it does its job and finds an appreciative home.

Anyway ... I miss you guys, glad to see you're still active and really enjoy seeing your messages pop up in my Google reader. 'Til then, I'll consider myself part of the PCS Away Team. Peace.


  1. Away team? No way my friend once a PCSer always a PCSer! You have been missed my friend. Good to see you back. Been to long brother. My best to you and the brood!

  2. Looking bad ass, sir. Nice to see you posting here :)

  3. Nice, Ed! Great to see your work up here. Sorry I flubbed on getting you the Fishtown books. Call me sometime and I can apologize accordingly. Miss you, Rebecca and the family, brother.