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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Philadelphia Web-Comic: EAT THE BABIES

Hey, PCS! I met some of you when I first moved here and would go down to Bob & Barbara's for drawing night. It's too bad that that tradition has finally come to an end, because I am finally moving to South Philadelphia in a couple months and it wouldn't be so logistically hard for me anymore. In fact, I'll be living very near the South Philly Tap Room, so if anyone felt like moving a drawing night to there, I'd be down. I'll split a seitan cheese-steak with anyone.

I ran into Jeff on the street recently and we were talking about the web-comic I've been working on, and he told me I should post it up on here.

It's called Eat the Babies, and it's about a walking talking TV that's exploring the world, culture and economics. Soon, one of his good friends, Woody Guthrie, will make a first appearance. Shortly after that, John Maynard Keynes will show up. They are the two most consistently recurring characters, but the nice thing about the comic is there is no story you have to follow. It's just a daily strip of off-kilter, quirky humor. Let me know what you think.

So there's one of my latest strips, above. I've been working on this thing since May. I have just shy of 100 strips already drawn and about 80 of those have already been loaded into my website, coming out one at a time, each Tuesday and Friday. I'm writing this only to say that the drawing gets a lot better. I know, because I've already done it and watched them improve. The first ones are real rough.

If you want to keep an eye on it, though, the easiest way is to subscribe to the feed. Or just keep checking the site, Tuesdays and Fridays (for now).

By the way, are any PCS'ers thinking about driving to SPACE 2011 in Colombus, OH, in a couple weeks. I'm going. It would be cool to share a care.

Anyway, I had lost track of PCS there for a while, but it's cool to see that there's a blog. Now that I am actively cartooning again, I will keep an eye on this space.

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