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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Exit?

Here is a design i created exclusively for What's Well glad you asked... They are an online t-shirt store that partners with artists from around the country to create designs based on different cities and states. Or as I have been describing it, "You'll 'get' these t-shirts if your from the city or state..." t-shirt site. For some shirts, 10% of sales will be earmarked for a specific nonprofit. For all "city" shirts, 10% of sales will go to an organization doing work in that specific city. That way, when you buy a shirt to represent your home, the benefits go right back to where you live.

Hopefully you guys can show a little brotherly love for one of your Garden State members...

I was the first to get a crack at the NJ which made me very excited. The idea behind the design was simple. When people think of NJ, they think of a big highway with a bunch of diners. So what better way to represent NJ by creating an awesome retro diner highway exit sign! It comes on a cool grey nifty t-shirt for your wearing pleasure.

Fellow PCS has also created designs for and you can check them out by clicking here.

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