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Monday, April 4, 2011

Linear Sketch... Possible Digital Coloring?

So my roomie and I were talking about religious stories. And, since she grew up in a Hindu community, I'd thought I'd make a lil sketch on a story she's told me a few times.

This is an "excerpt" of the story of Ganesh after his father, Shiva, chopped off his head, not knowing that it was his son since Shiva never met Ganesh. Shiva went out to fight a battle of the gods when his wife was pregnant with Ganesh. During that time, Shiva had a mistress, Kali, the goddess of time (depicted), which I like to associate as a goddess of death. She is very angry, shows no mercy, and she is hungry (literally) to destroy, for her tongue is always sticking out (she wears the heads of the dead around her neck).

All in all, when Shiva came back from the war, Ganesh, the god of welcoming, ironically didn't allow what he didn't know was his father to see his mother. Shiva, not knowing that Ganesh is his son, chopped off his head. Of course, he found out that it was his son, so Shiva went out into the jungle, only to find the hunted remains of an elephant. Long story short, Shiva took the head and replaced Ganesh's, bringing him back to life which he then continues to be the god of welcoming.

thats all folks!

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  1. Nice, Adam. Looking forward to the color. You ever look at any of Dulac's work?