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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hobo Day Photos - 2011

I hope that some of the folks' drawings will pop up here soon. In the meantimes, we will have to enjoy the memories of these Iphone photos Sam Heimer took. Thanks to all the folks who came out. Mostly it was awesome mixing it up, drawing, and BBQing with a bunch of great people. Thanx, Chris Stevens and John and all the gracious folks at Locust Moon out in Wild West Philly. Unfortunately, we witnessed two very sad moments on the el train, but it didn't seem to sour the overall spirit of the day and the crew. It was a very unique and lively experience to say the least. We were kinda like a peaceful version of "The Warriors" (except nobody was wasting nobody).

Rob, Mandy, and "Hoff" - hard at work hobos.
30th Street Station!
My main man Chris - in spite of the fact that his headphones had devil horns on them, I am pretty sure I heard Barry Manilow coming from his Ipod. You can see some of Chris' work here:
Syd, stand-up cartoonist.

BBQing back at Locust Moon's "Hobo Jungle". I was showing Chris Stevens my secret recipe to opening a bag of ice.

Eamon's hand is quicker than the eye. And James tries to hide his knobby knees.

Larsen sometimes gets very angry and frustrated because she was born with a pixelated right hand.


  1. This was the best day. We will be sure to do more "drawing" outings over the summer. Thanks to everyone that came out. Such a good time and so many great people! Quite Epic! Cheers!

  2. Fun all around! Thanks for putting this together, Jeff!

  3. I should have been there. I'm always drawing on the trains.

  4. Cool! Hopefully we will make it an annual event.