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Monday, June 20, 2011

More Brush Drawings

My experience with the Pentel Pocket Brush pen (highly recommended, by the way) has led me to try drawing with an honest-to-goodness sable brush. Specifically, the Series 7 sable brushes from Windsor & Newton. My lines don't quite have the polish of a Jeff Smith or Charles Burns, but already they are more expressive than what I ever got from my Microns. Besides, despite the initial difficulty in use, inking in brush is great fun.

I'm using brush sizes 0, 2 and 3 on vellum bristol board from Bee. I like the tooth of this paper better than the Strathmore 300 series that has recently seemed to drop in quality.

This set includes head studies for a character in Journeymen as well as a hero pose from one of the leads. Also, I've added a random sketch where I tried my hand at a wash for shading.

And again no--not quite the polish of a Jeff Smith or Charles Burns. But I'll get there. Enjoy.

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