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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Falcon Beach T-Shirt

I recently partnered up with the Spirit Newspapers to create limited edition North Catholic T-Shirts. Every month or so, we will make a new North Catholic shirt to hnor the school that meant so much to us. If you are a follower of this blog, you probably know that I taught and worked for the school for 7 years, and I went down with the ship. The Spirit was always a really strong supporter of North. My cousin Tommy, one of the co-owners of the paper, is a graduate like myself. We wanted to keep North alive in some small way. During my time at North, I designed most of the shirts, including the annual Thanksgiving Day Game shirt. I figured we can make shirts in short run, no more than 150-200 shirts per design. That way we wouldn't risk losing too much money, and people who bought the shirts would have a limited edition product.

The guys at Awesome Dudes printed this shirt. Joannie's oldest, Brandon, went with me to pick them up. He was nice enough to humor me and model the shirt when we got them back to the Spirit offices.

The shirts are available for sale at the Spirit Newspaper offices (1428 Susquehanna Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125). They are $15 apiece. We only made 150 shirts this time, so if you are interested, you should call: (215) 423-6246.

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