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Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey guys! Two good friends of mine (the writers of La Morte Sisters) are shooting a low-budget horror film to be set in Philadelphia. They need some art department help, and I told them I would get the word out.

Here's the low-down (per the directors)...

Seeking any generic video game/punk/90's style poster art that we can use in the background of a film shoot at an arcade. Feel free to use copyrighted imagery but not logos or names. Usually just changing a color will do the trick. We're going to put them up as stickers and posters and graffiti.

Must be 300 dpi and no smaller than 6in x 6in please.

Deadline is July 12 at 9 am.

Fwd all art and how you'd like to be credited to Tony Trov:

Thank you for your help.

Please contact Tony Trov and not this post for details. I have nothing to do with production

This is the Kickstarter page that they're using for completion funds.

I will already have art in the film...

These are really great guys! Please help them out. I know you guys have a ton of video game, punk art already on file...So it can't hurt to help :)

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