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Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is a design I did for that will be available starting at Midnight for ONE DAY ONLY Monday September 12th for only $10 bucks. I have always been a big Who-nerd, I even quoted the 4th Doctor in my High School yearbook. I wanted to do a design that encompassed a bunch of the signature accessories for each of the regenerations of the Doctor, and this is the result...

So be sure to pass the info on to all your Dr. Who fan friends and have pop on over to to pick one up tomorrow SEPTEMBER 12th cause after that it's gone for good...unless of course you have a TARDIS then you can travel back in time and...


  1. Love it!

    Which of the doctor's wore 3-d glasses though? Can't seem to recall.

  2. David Tennant in the season 2 finale of the new series.