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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dennis Jones - Art Show This Month at Starbucks

If you have ever been anywhere near the Starbucks at Broad & Pine on the University of the Arts campus, you have probably seen Dennis, the guy sitting in the front window painting, drawing, designing, and playing the key-tar. You may have wondered, "What is that guy's story?"

You should come out Friday, October 7 and find out. Dennis Jones of Silver Back Productions will have a collection of work hanging all month in the Starbucks he treats as his studio and office. You might think he's an unusual character until you get to know him. But the truth is that Dennis is just a straight-ahead working artist. Most of the work he does at that coffee shop is for hire. He is constantly painting portraits of the Phillies, drawing dogs, and designing logos. Dennis attended UArts back in the 70's when it was called the Philadelphia College of Art. He was a sign painter for years, a t-shirt designer, and even designed a jacket years ago for Janet Jackson.

Dennis holding an "Our Gang" painting in its early stages

I asked why he always does his work at the Starbucks. He didn't really have an answer for me. He just said he stopped in there one day, saw they had an outlet to plug in his phone charger and key-tar, and it evolved into what it is today. Dennis is at that Starbucks at Broad and Pine almost every day. His plate is always full of work.

Dennis' opening reception is around 5 PM on Friday, October 7, 2011, and his work will hang all month. Make sure you stop by, see some great work, and talk to the man.

If you would like to talk to Dennis about a commission or his music, his number is (267) 770-2334. You can also e-mail him at:

Dennis playing his Key-tar in between working on his art

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