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Monday, October 3, 2011

Retrofit Comics GIVEAWAY


To celebrate the release of Drag Bandits by Colleen Frakes and Betsey Swardlick (buy right here), Retrofit comics is giving away a MASSIVE SMORGASBORD OF COMICS!!
What you get:
  1. FREE FOR EVERYONE: 5 page preview of Drag Bandits!
  2. Colleen Frakes' Xeric book Tragic Relief
  3. Box Brown's Xeric book Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing
  4. Original ROM drawing by Josh Bayer
  5. Suspect Device #1(the alt. comic Nancy tribute) 
  6. Everything Dies #3 by Box Brown
  7. Secret Prison 5
  8. James Kochalka's FUNGUS!
  1. You must follow Retrofitcomics on tumblr
  2. You must reblog this blog post (not just heart it)
  3. This FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 I will pick a winner using a randomizer!
I ripped off this idea wholesale from Lisa Hanawalt

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