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Monday, November 14, 2011

Target GiftCard

So this was a super fun project I got to do for Target, first because I love Target and second because I have always loved the designs they have for their gift cards. This was a design concept by Tony Franklin over at Target who got me to do the illustration, oh and the other cool thing about this card is it lights up! Here are some sketches...

And here's the finished art...

And here's the gift card which you can purchase online HERE and in Target stores soon...

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  1. That is kind of ridiculously exciting, for both of the reasons that you mentioned. Plus, how hilarious is it going to be when someone gives you a Target gift card this year and you're the one who designed it?

  2. How adorable is that little guy?!! (The answer is VERY.) Now I hope I get a Target gift card for Christmas ^^

  3. Awesome, so awesome! Kudos my friend. Will be my "go to" gift this holiday season!

  4. Nice, work, Davey. Like seeing the draft work here too. Thanks for posting. Make that money, boy. Make that mothaf***in' money!