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Friday, March 30, 2012

Jeffro's ArtUnleashed 2012 Submission - "How Deep is the Ocean?"

If you were to do a search of the word "Mermaid" on this blog, you would see that I have done several variations on this theme and image. This actual image is a recreation of an envelope I drew for Joannie back in 2009, except much much larger. This piece is 14"x11". I used different colored inks, markers, and colored pencils on 98lb Mix Media paper.

Initially, the seed of this idea came from a sketchbook drawing by one of my favorite artists - Heinrich Kley. I can't find a good version of the image online, but click here to see a small one. The idea of the deep sea diver fascinates me. Something about walking the floor of the murky depths, being alone out there, but still being tied to home. It's romantic to me.

Once again, music has played a part in my work here. This piece is entitled, "How Deep is the Ocean", named after an Irving Berlin song. I love Billie Holiday's version. But lately, I have been loving the version by Doc Cheatham and Nicholas Payton. I am pretty sure that album was Doc Cheatham's last. He was so awesome.

Anyway, this piece will be on display and for sale at this year's ArtUnleashed event, a fundraiser for the University of the Arts. I have been teaching at UArts in different capacities for several years now. I have also been working full-time for the past year in the Advancement office, working to raise funds for the school. It was an honor to be asked to be in the show. My work will hang on the walls with Arnie Roth. There will also bee a nice group of friends participating in the show, like Chris Patchell, Kyle Margiotta, Christine Larsen, and Paul Palcko. I am really looking forward to the event.


  1. The colors in this are amazing. That's a wonderful contrast between the two characters.