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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jeffro's Masters/Misfits T-Shirt

My Misfits/Skeletor parody shirt will be up for sale on FSC Tees all week until June 24, 2012. If you're into the 80's nostalgia, cartoon, fan art stuff, check it out by CLICKING HERE. FSC sells their shirts for $15, but that also includes shipping costs.

Originally, the image came from a shirt I was designing for my friend Nick Mil. His pool team, "The Misfits" just won a tournament and will be going to Vegas for another tournament this summer as a result. With my brush pen, I redrew the standard Misfits skull (but left in the missing teeth). A few people told me that was stupid, that I should have just swiped it from the internet, because the logo itself is basically a photocopy of the face from this old Crimson Ghost serial poster. But I wanted something high resolution. After that, I just put 8-Balls over the eyes to somehow relate the concept to billiards.

After Nick's shirt was done, I started monkeying with the drawing, and for kicks I made it a Skeletor parody with the colors. I was amazed it got picked up as a shirt, but I am also happy now that I recycled the image. It was a happy accident.

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  1. This shirt is too damn amazing for it to only be available for 1 week!!! Is there anywhere else in the Universe (pun intended) where this MASTERS shirt is still available???