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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PCS meets LCP

Hello all! As part of all things ephemera at the Library Company (where I work), I was asked to curate a mini-exhibition (with the help of the one and only Christian Patchell!) in collaboration with the PCS. Nine artists will be making work inspired by the Ephemera Collection to be put on display this coming September. To get the creative juices flowing, I invited the artists to draw with the collection, for nothing is better than holding the real thing in your hands! If you don't know already, LCP is a special collections library started in 1731 by Ben Franklin! You'd be hard pressed to find much in our collection from the 20th Century. We sketched for two hours, and that was not enough time because it was hard to settle on one or two pieces to work from. Here are some snapshots of PCS'rs doing what they do best!  

Some highlights from the evening include : "Guess what this Trade Card advertises!" and "Man they really hate this Jeff Davis." Thanks guys, this was a blast!!

You can find more info (and blogging!), including some sketches from the night here: and

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