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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bob & Barbara's...the Good Old Days!

Having such a great night at Bob & Barbara's (1509 South Street) on Monday reminded me of old times (well not so old, between 12 and 4 years ago). The Cartoonist Society used to really party down in that place. Guess we're all getting a little older, busier, more responsible. It's still the clubhouse, but we just don't have the time to be "regulars" anymore. I dug around on my blog and found these drawings of some of the folks we used to hang out with at Bob & Barbara's. I have a few more tucked away somewhere (like Steve Ferrell, for instance). I'll have to find them. Luckily, layabouts like Sam Heimer and Concetta Barbera keep the tradition alive somewhat.

But I sure do miss Nate. I miss seeing Henrietta regularly too. Think I'll give her a call this weekend.


  1. That was a fun time on Monday. Great to see the gang at the clubhouse.

  2. I get teary eyes thinking of the fun I had on those Mondays nights.