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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cheap Shot

I've been adapting a Jehovah's Witness cautionary poem for the comic I'm working on called Everything Dies #4.  This is a scene where the lead character is starting to withdraw from her culture because her husband doesn't believe in Jehovah God.  But the author of the "poem" (unknown), takes a cheap shot at reading!  What's wrong with reading?

Also: Watchtower is a real magazine.  So, if that's what the woman WAS reading, then I guess, yeah, it does sound boring!

I made a new informative page about Everything Dies, which includes a 5 page preview of every issue including the forthcoming #3.


  1. Just finished Everything Dies #1 and now I want to know how more stuff dies. But your story about Job reminded me of the time a few years ago when we were traveling and went to Biblewalk, a run-down Christian diorama museum in Ohio (nearish to Grandpa's Cheese Barn). We'd created a blog for a friend, but if you need more Bible references, here you go--the mannequin of Job is particularly horrifying.

  2. Ugh gross!

    That museum looks incredible though.