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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Popularity Papers is in bookstores!

At the Borders in King of Prussia

Abrams has shipped the books and they're starting to appear in on bookstore shelves. Yesterday we were in the neighborhood of a Borders and decided to drop in. Friends and family members in Ohio had reported receiving their copies from Amazon, and we'd received a big box of books from the publisher, so we were curious to know if they had hit the shelves. I don't think that I can ever really recreate the weird sound that came out of my face when I saw them on the shelf. It was incredible (the feeling of seeing the books--the sound was just weird, kind of like a squeal/sob/hiccup/gasp/unicorn fart).

And The Popularity Papers is next to INDIANA JONES! How awesome is that?


  1. Congratz, Amy! That's gotta be a sweet feeling.

  2. It's incredible. My brother called me from a Barnes & Noble in Dallas to tell me that he had found the books, and my grandmother found hers in a B&N in Florida. Just incredible.