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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Rog Petersen Baseball Card Art Show - First Friday April 2

Last year, at the beginning of baseball season, my buddy (and one of the most skilled and versatile artists I know) Rog Petersen mad a whole slew of old time baseball card art. The show was a hit, almost a sellout. Anyone who knows Rog knows that he lives for baseball season. He puts his guts into these pieces.

This year, he's got another gang of card art hanging at Atlantis, the Lost Bar (Frankford & Hagert in Kensington). The show is called "Bat, Ball, & Brush Season Two". He will also have some larger portraits of baseball players hanging as well. The show will hang all month. But you'll definitely want to head there First Friday if you want to purchase one of these. They go really really fast...

Rog made this awesome baseball card portrait of me as a gift. Being the uncoordinated and half blind slob that I am, he drew me with an axe instead of a baseball bat (an object you'd be more likely to find me swinging). Thanks, Rog!

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