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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Popularity Papers Philly Book Release!

The book has been officially released to the world! Or, at least to Philadelphia. Greg Williams at Walk a Crooked Mile Books in Mt. Airy (the Mt. Airy train station, to be more specific) generously hosted the event and we were lucky to have beautiful weather and a great turnout. For anyone who loves books and used bookstores packed with treasures, come and visit Walk a Crooked Mile--all the wonderful friends who made it out to the wilds of Mt. Airy went bug-eyed with joy when they saw the stacks and stacks of fantastic used books.

We were very professional with our sign-making.

Mason Wendell from Canary Promotions relaxes with his new favorite book ever.

Anne Seidman, the professor who dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the digital world came to the event despite the enormous pain in the tush that I was as a student.

Thanks to Ralph Medley for these pictures!

Hoping to see more readers at Blue Marble Books in Mt. Airy to kick off the Mt. Airy Kid's Literary Festival on Friday at 7 (I hear rumors that there will be pizza) and The Popularity Papers Book Release Party in Manhattan at Books of Wonder! Thanks again to everyone who came out!


  1. visit it, you will love it!

    Congratulations for your blog! I will be back.



  2. Very proud of you, Amy! Congratz!

  3. My congratulations to you! The book has been officially released to the world! What else do you need to be a successful writer? I don't believe that your book won't be interesting to a reader. Check it out - follow to see the entire blog entry!