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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mundane Apocolpses

Hello all (long time reader, first time poster),
I'm finally submitting some work.  I just started a new blog called Mundane Apocolypses which is about living in the domicile and making it work day-to-day, in short, domestic bliss.  Thanks for your time.
Andrew Hart


  1. I love that...thing. Whatever that is (I realize this represents you ;P), I love it.

  2. Awesome and crazy work! It's high time the Godfather of the group posted. You're like the "Tyler Durden" of Philly Cartoonists.

  3. great work-always like how you narrate an idea! I especially like the air filter looking word cloud. not sure if it was meant that way, but the implications of that are fantastic...

  4. Beautiful line work, love the creature design. It's nice to see you shed some light on the father/son relationship.

  5. Twisted and pretty. Like a Spumco expression drawn by Edward Gorey.