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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Historic Trauma Cases # 3 by Jeffro

Recently I was given assignments to draw Steve Allen and Frédéric François Chopin for my job at Advance News Magazines. I thought it was interesting, both being piano players. I know very little about Steve Allen aside from the Tonight Show and the CDs I have with him playing as Jack Kerouac recites poetry. Steve is finished here in the style of all the other Historic Trauma illustrations...

I know even less of Chopin, but I like how intense he looks in the one known photograph that was thought to be taken in 1849, the year of his death. I referenced that photo, which can be found all over the internet. This drawing is still in its rough stages, but I wanted to give an early stage of the process before I pretty him up with ink and color. So this is Frederic as he now sits in my Moleskine sketchbook, waiting to become a final draft. This is usually what my final pencil sketches look like before I get feedback and approval from editorial staff...

I think I have John Lennon coming up in the next couple months. That will be some fun drawing time.


  1. Really diggin' that Chopin illo. For me, the hair is the real standout element. How do you like drawing in those Moleskin sketchbooks?

  2. Thanx, JPDJ. I like the Moleskines. I'm into the off-white paper. It has a nostalgic feel for me. Plus I like the thickness of the paper. I can sketch on both sides with ink without thinking about bleedthrough, etc. Plus, these sized books, around 5" x 8" are just the right size for finishing small, manageable drawings.